Best Fitness Accessories Under $50

In today’s more health-conscious world, there are many fitness accessories out there that we can choose from. From squat belts, straps, and wraps, each of these accessories can aid you in your fitness journey. But how do you go about finding one that doesn’t break the bank? Fortunately for you, we have you covered with some fitness accessories that are under $50.

Why Fitness Accessories Are Useful

You might think that you don’t need an accessory to help you through your workout, but each are created for a purpose! Many people often think that lifting straps are only for people who lift heavy, but that isn’t entirely true.

Fitness accessories help you by reducing the risk of injury from specific movements by providing some reinforcement and stabilization to your joints and other parts of your body. Even when you’re a beginner to squatting weight or lifting, your form can cause you to strain unworked muscles. Investing in a good quality fitness accessory is important if you need additional support or to prevent strained muscles. 

Here are some options that are under $50.

Squat Belt 

The squat belt is one of the most popular fitness accessories today! Why should you use a squat belt? 

Use a squat belt to prevent straining your back. Your form is extremely important and a squat belt helps keep your back at the right angle while lifting. Prevent future backaches by using a squat belt for your harder lifts.

Squat belts work by reducing the stress on your lower back by increasing the pressure in your intra-abdominal muscles. The force generated inside the cavity of your abdominal muscles stabilizes your spine to keep it from straining too hard.

Check out our squat belt here to make your next squatting session as pain-free as possible. 

Knee Wraps

Leg day is the most demanding workout day of the week. How can you protect them from an injury?

Knee wraps can help reduce soreness occurring in your knees by stabilizing them in your lifts. They reduce the strain on your knees from squats and other leg exercises. 

You use knee wraps by wrapping them around your knees in what pattern you deem is the most effective at keeping them stabilized. Our knee wraps are designed with comfort in mind and are made with velcro for the best and most secure hold around your knee. 

Lifting Straps 

Lifting straps work by improving your grip on a barbell. You wrap the straps around it to create a more natural grip for your hands. This makes it a bit easier for you to lift the weight. It also helps you lift the weight that you know you can lift but lack the necessary grip strength.

To use lifting straps, you first have to practice how to wrap them around the barbell properly. Wrapping them wrong can put you at risk for an injury. It is generally recommended to wrap under the barbell versus over it.

Our lifting straps are specifically designed to help you grip bars so that you can lift as much weight as you can without worrying about your grip failing you!

Wrist Wraps

On heavy lifting days, you want to make sure you are performing every workout with proper form and using the right accessories to reduce the risk of injury. Wrist wraps are very important when pressing weights or lifting them overhead.

Wrist wraps will help stabilize your wrists under heavyweight. They help support and maintain proper form in lifts such as the bench press. Your wrists are under heavy tension during movements like this, so you want to make sure they are as stable as possible. 

Wrist wraps are used for workouts that require a straight extension from your wrists. To put on a wrist wrap, find the thumb loop, and put your thumb through it. From there, wrap it around your wrist until it is snug and comfortably tight—the heavier the lift, the tighter the wrap. Our wrist wraps have a comfortable design and will help you push your max weight! 


Fitness accessories will help you push heavier weight while also reducing the strain on your body. Investing in some accessories now will help you reach your goals sooner rather than later. Work smarter and not harder! 



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