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Let’s face it. Nowadays, we are consumed with things from many aspects of our lives. As a result, we live our lives simply with the goal to survive without understanding who we really are. If we were able to ask most people to describe themselves, their purposes and what differentiates them from others, a good percent of them would struggle to find those answers. Those who answer would possibly provide vague or meaningless answers.

Why is this?  Most individuals have taken the easier path to lead a life like everyone else. Today, we are directly or indirectly told to follow the footsteps of others, to play it safe. But playing it safe kills individuality. It is not surprising that many people don’t know who they truly are. They are living this life without understanding what sets them apart.

Understanding who you are to fulfill your potential

In general, just like every other person, you have a natural urge to simply survive and achieve a certain level of success without having to go the extra mile. Toiling without a dream in sight will never lead to fulfillment. Instead, consider giving room to your deeper (and less compelling) urge to understand who you are. This understanding is the single most important factor that can help you lead a fulfilled life, a life without regrets. Don’t shy away from this desire to know who YOU are.  Follow that direction.

Describe yourself

How can you begin to know who you are?  Are you able to describe yourself? Start by writing down the attributes of your personality and your character. Think about how you relate to people and situations. Are you a strong-willed person who can hardly be swayed by people’s opinions? Are you feeble-minded? Are you trustworthy? Are you open to new ideas about life? What are the virtues that define your value in life? What are the things you stand for? What are your beliefs about the most essential things in life? Would you abandon your beliefs if your life depended on it? What are your vices?

These questions can begin to provide you a clear view of your life so that you can begin formulating that description of yourself. Remember, that if you find it hard to describe yourself, it might be because you have never really considered who you really are.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Your strengths refer to your positive attributes. Those are the amazing things that you know how to do, or how to be. Considering your strengths, you now have tools to start taking action toward growth into a better individual. 

Similarly, discover your weaknesses. In this context, your weaknesses are negative attributes. Your weaknesses may be the lack of certain positive qualities. You can work on some weaknesses by eliminating them or reducing their impact on your life. Of course, there will always be a few weaknesses that you cannot change. Whatever the case is, you should understand that your strength defines you as a person, as it shows the things that you are capable of achieving.

Differentiate yourself

A lot of individuals are already “stuck” with a culture, family, religion, or political environment around them. Everything they are known for was already defined by other people or events in their surroundings. Unfortunately, many seem to be content with this situation. They might have a hard time determining who they really are. Also, they may even experience some emotional conflict that arises when they begin to see that they are not living their true life. 

To deal with this environment, consider differentiating yourself. Differentiating yourself means considering different complexities within and outside your environment. Rather than sticking with the predefined image that you have been given, explore the possibilities of the kind of person you really want to become, regardless of what society, family, religion, or culture dictates.

The truth is that it will take a lot of effort as you explore the various aspects of who you were meant to be. However, it can assist you in discovering the kind of person that has been there all along. It can help you differentiate yourself from what others have assumed that you are.

Cultivate awareness

As you are beginning this path to understand who you are, it is equally crucial for you to cultivate an awareness of the world around you. In this new light, notice the opportunities around you.  Consider how to take advantage of them. How might you take action whenever the possibilities arise?

There are many ways through which you can cultivate awareness nowadays. You can take advantage of meditation to create awareness.  Pay more attention to the things happening in your life that you had previously not noticed. As an alternative, you can work with a therapist to cultivate awareness and understand some of the things that define you as a person. Family or friends can also help create awareness about a wide range of things happening to you. And of course, there is an array of online resources.

Whatever method you want to use, make sure to evaluate your emotional experience from an objective perspective. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment.  You will discover who you are and make the most of what you already have.



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