Gain Muscle Fast with These Fitness Tips

Why You Should Gain Muscle

Let’s state the obvious. Muscles make you look lean and fit. But beyond that, why are muscles important? Muscles generate body heat and influence metabolism. Let’s look at some other benefits of gaining muscle.

To develop strength

Muscle strength is necessary for the performance of most movements. The major contributors to muscle growth are proper nutrition and exercise, such as weight lifting and weight resistance.

To improve coordination

Muscle strength factors into coordination. Stronger muscles can determine how much strength is required to do a specific task. Thus, one muscle contracting at 10% and another muscle contracting at 30% might be what was needed to create a coordinated effort. Resistance training is extremely beneficial for athletes needing high-coordinating skills.

To increase bone density

Muscle affects bone density. Your skeleton feels the stress when you exercise because skeletal muscles pull against the bone.  The magnitude, rate, and frequency of muscle strain against the bone cause the bone to rebuild, resulting in higher density.  

To lower risk of injury

Tendons are mostly made of collagen and have less blood flow than muscles. As a result, tendons are more prone to injury. By working out to gain muscle strength, your tendon strength and elasticity will also improve, resulting in higher resistance to injury.

To increase blood flow

An excellent muscle-building workout will increase blood flow throughout the body. Over time as you exercise, the demand by various muscles for increased circulation will result in improved blood circulation throughout the whole body. As the vascular system provides oxygen more efficiently, it also rids the body of waste.

To protect joints

Strong muscles allow joints to work as intended. Weaker muscles place more stress on joints and ligaments, which lead to injury.

To boost metabolism

A person’s resting metabolic rate is proportional to the amount of muscle tissue in the body. As mentioned earlier, muscles generate heat and are highly responsive to hormones, which improve metabolism. By comparison, fat tissue is hardly active and does not boost metabolism. So, if muscle burns calories, more muscle burns more calories, even when you are in a resting state.

Benefits of a Macronutrient Rich Diet

Nutrition is a major component towards muscle growth. These three macronutrients are key to a healthy diet.


Protein breaks down into amino acids, which are known to build muscle, heal torn muscles, and restore body cells.


Carbohydrates are a significant source of energy restoration for the body. This happens through an increase in glycogen levels. Also, performance is enhanced during complex workouts.


Fats consist of more calories than proteins and carbs. Healthy monounsaturated fatty acids can improve fat loss if the caloric intake does not increase. Make sure you’re eating healthy fats and not artificial trans-fats. 

Learn more about macronutrients and calculate your daily macros here.

Exercises to Build Muscle without a Gym

Especially during this time, it may be hard to get to the gym, unless you have a home gym. Let’s talk about a few exercises you can do at home that will promote muscle growth.

Running and jogging

If you are just starting, consider walking or jogging slowly to increase stamina. Over time, increase the intensity as you progress. Running builds the cardiovascular system and leg muscles.


Push-ups also do not require a gym. They benefit the upper body muscles in the chest, arms, shoulders, and back. There are quite a few variations for different fitness levels, offering options for everyone.


Pull-ups are also useful in building upper body muscles in the arms, back, chest, and shoulders. They are regarded as one of the best exercises when it comes to upper body development.


Dips might be somewhat complicated, but they do build muscle efficiently. This exercise utilizes your bodyweight to build muscle. 


And, we can’t leave out crunches! Crunches build muscle mass around and in the waist. Building a strong core can help support many other exercises too. You will often hear that people with bad backs need to strengthen their core to take the strain off their backs. Do this before it’s too late!

If you’re interested in gaining muscle, these workout and nutrition tips are worth adding into your fitness plan.



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