How to Find Your Motivation

We find motivation in things in our daily lives to help drive us to reach our goals. This motivation can come from people who are important to you, responsibilities, personal passions, and even past experiences.

One question you can ask yourself to find what motivates you is, “Why am I doing this?” Answering this question will lead you to identify what keeps you going when life gets tough.

You need a source of motivation to have a purpose. Without purpose, you may end up doubting yourself and saying, “I can’t do this.” Finding motivation will help you reach the goals you have set for yourself. You do not know what you are capable of until you push yourself to your limits.


There are two types of motivation that give us a reason to keep going.

  1. You might be more intrinsically motivated, which means your passions drive you. Such as getting a job where the money is not the primary factor for you working there, rather the opportunity for working at a business you love.
  2. If you are extrinsically motivated, you are motivated more by money rather than recognition within the company.

Motivation helps you discover useful habits to reach your goals. Motivation gives you reasons to keep moving forward regardless of any challenges you may encounter. If you work, find out what motivates you to reach those deadlines. Is it the possibility of getting a promotion to better support your family? Maybe, getting some recognition? Whenever you find what motivates you, it will be a lot harder to stop you from reaching those goals.

People have different sources of motivation to keep going. An excellent example of this is why different people go to the gym. Whether it is for weight loss, strength training, to look better, or feel healthier, people have various reasons. You need to have that source of motivation to power you to go workout every day and do so with intention. Without motivation, you may not be able to push yourself as hard as you could have, and you will not realize what you are truly capable of.

Where Can You Find Motivation?

As we mentioned above in the gym example, everyone has different reasons to pursue their goals. Whether it is from past experiences, passions, or responsibilities, everyone needs a reason to keep going. Finding a reason provides a purpose. If you don’t know what your motivation is, you may be asking yourself, “Where do I find them?”

Past Experiences

Past experiences are a huge source of motivation for many individuals. You might have helped take care of someone who was injured when you were younger. This could lead you to want to be a nurse. Or, you remember seeing how your mom and dad struggled to make ends meet while you were growing up. Your motivation may be to provide a better life for you and them. Past experiences can be the drive you need not to give up.


You might be motivated by something you are passionate about. Is traveling the world something you have always wanted to do since you were a child? This could drive you to focus on saving for retirement to be able to travel wherever you want, or maybe you find a job that allows you to travel.

Finding something you are passionate about is a powerful source of motivation. Whether it is making music, starting a business, or even buying a house, if you find something you are genuinely passionate about, it won’t seem like a job and more about chasing a dream.

Personal Growth

A third popular source of motivation is personal growth. For example, have you ever taken a job that does not pay as much as a job you turned down? You may have chosen the lower-paying career because it would provide the most opportunity for growth in the long-term. It may be a personal challenge to start climbing that ladder by gaining as much experience as possible. Future employers will see your resume and be impressed by the responsibilities you had and the roles you played. Since money wasn’t a motivating factor, you were able to feel more fulfilled with all the accomplishments and opportunities you gained from that position. Personal growth and bettering ourselves is something we all try to strive for every day, whether we say so or not.

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People have different reasons to be motivated, whether it is intrinsic or extrinsic. However, everyone needs to be motivated by something. Find what gives you purpose and use it to achieve your goals.

How Does Motivation Help Drive You?

Motivation helps drive you by giving you a reason to keep going.

Here is another example: Imagine training to run a marathon to show your family anything is possible if you set your mind to it. You start running every day for an hour in the afternoon with the sun just blazing down on you. You begin to realize how tough it is to run a marathon, and you start to question yourself. “This is ridiculous! Why am I doing this?” And then, you remember why you are training for this marathon. You do not want to let yourself and your family down by not running in this marathon, so you start pushing through the pain. When it’s time to run the marathon, you finish it setting your record.

Finding your motivation is important to help drive you and keep pushing you past those obstacles that would otherwise be insurmountable if you did not have the motivation. Motivation is what has helped people break records, start businesses, and start a family. Finding your motivation can drive you to reach your goals and aspirations in the same way.

Find Your Motivation

Finding your motivation will lead to you developing habits that can benefit you for the rest of your life. You can become more disciplined, organized, and mentally stronger when you find out what motivates you. Where will you find your motivation, and how will it help you reach your goals?



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