Keys to Success: Make Time for Fitness

Not getting enough time to exercise is an often cited reason for why a lot of people lead sedentary lives. Thankfully, you don’t need to go too much out of your way to be able to make time for exercise in your daily routine. Physical activity doesn’t have to be complicated or consist of long workouts. The key is to schedule the time so that you can integrate workouts into your current lifestyle.

Importance of a Consistent Workout Schedule

Consistently working out is essential to achieving your fitness goals. You can improve your fitness level as well as your overall well-being. To make sure you stay on track, you can create a workout plan that is easy to follow. 

You have to be able to commit to a workout routine you can follow with consistency. Many people who start working out jump into it with no real long-term plan. This can result in them losing motivation within the first couple of weeks. 

To avoid this, be sure to develop a workout plan that you can follow in the long-term. Working out with consistency not only helps you stay physically fit but encourages you to handle your day to day tasks with efficiency.


How to Make Time for Your Workouts?

It may seem hard to find time to workout in between your work and home life.  It may even look daunting at first glance,  but even the busiest person can find time some time to workout with a bit of creativity.  

Here are some ways to fit your workout in your daily schedule. 

Make A Plan

The best way to make time for a workout is to have a strong plan. For example, imagine that one day you decide that you want to start working out before you go to work. You just need to set yourself a reminder that you will work out from 6-7 a.m. and then be at work by 9. Following this plan with consistency can help you stay on track and still have time to do everything else that you need to do.  

Subdivide Your To-do List

Let’s be real, fitting in a workout into your day-to-day activities can cause some time issues. Trying to follow the same to-do list you had before you started working out is not going to be easy. This is where you can start time-blocking your days by categories.

The categories could include;

  1. Family (Cooking or spending time with your family.)
  2. Work (Completing presentations or returning calls.)
  3. Yourself (Exercising, calling a friend, and so on.)

Knowing when you’ll have time for yourself during the day can help reach your goal of fitting a workout in. 

5-Minutes a Day

Finding 5 -minutes throughout the day isn’t difficult. Sure, you may have many commitments and meetings that you have to attend, but finding 5 minutes to yourself isn’t hard.

In those 5 minutes, you can do push-ups, situps, and even run in place. Doing this 5 times a week can add up to 25 minutes a week of getting your body moving which is much better than doing nothing at all.

Socialize On the Move

You can meet up with your friends to watch a movie in your free time, but how about suggesting attending a yoga class? This can be a great way for you and friends to bond with each other while improving your overall well-being. This can be a much healthier alternative than watching a movie every time you go out with your friends. Switching it up every once in a while can lead to many long-term benefits down the road.

Limit Your Screen Time

Try to avoid spending too much of your free time looking at your phone. You could invest that time into doing something more productive, such as learning a new trade or working out. Being more productive with your time can lead you to become a more well-rounded individual in many aspects of your life. 

Embrace Walking to Your Job

This mostly applies to people who live close to their job. To make time for a workout, you can simply swap out the typical morning commute with you walking to work. This can be very beneficial in helping you achieve your fitness goals. If you spend about 20-40 minutes walking to and from work each day, it adds up to around 2 hours of walking a week! 

Time Management 

Have you wondered how some people could run a successful business, and yet still have time to spend with their family? It’s not because they have some kind of special power, but they have learned how to properly manage their time.

Here are some ways you can manage your time too.

Create A Morning Routine

Morning routines can help you stay healthy and active. You need to manage your daily routine so that you can have a better day ahead. Having structure at the beginning of your day can help you focus on achieving your goals for the rest of that day.

Reduce Decision Fatigue

As your day goes on, the quality of your decision making deteriorates. This is why many people make less than optimal decisions the longer the day goes on. This is where you can benefit from reducing the number of decisions you have to make throughout the day. It can help you stay productive and experience less stress throughout the day.

Set $ Value on Time

Time management could be a lot easier if you knew the worth of your time. Of course, spending time working and with your family may be more valuable than working out. However, placing working out as your third most valuable time will motivate you to make it a priority.

Turn Big Goals Into Small Ones

It’s necessary to turn your big goals into small ones. As you set a goal, try to make it to where you reach small milestones along the way to make those goals more achievable. You can start off working out 3 times a week to eventually working your way up to 5 times a week. From there, you can change your goals to however you see fit.

Learn To Say No

Learning to say no to things that aren’t a priority to you can help free up more time for working out.


Trying to make time to work out may seem almost impossible at first, but with the right plan, you’ll find there is always time to prioritize your health. All it takes is a couple of small steps that you can follow consistently every week to reach your goals.



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