Thinking of Your Life as a Mission

Everyone has a life to lead; however, only a few lead their lives with the amount of purpose and conviction that can help them achieve their goals. You have the responsibility of thinking about your life as a mission. See yourself as a mission that must be accomplished and you’ll go to greater heights than you ever would have thought!

Why should you think about your life as a mission?

You might be uncertain of why you need to think about yourself as a mission. So, let’s talk about that. First, thinking about your life as a mission compels you to understand your goals and spurs you to have an unwavering desire to achieve those goals. It makes you see things from a perspective that is different from what others are seeing. Therefore, you have the urge to push boundaries to achieve those things that you have set out to be.

In contrast, if you don’t see your life as a mission, you will see your desires and goals as optional. You may be easily derailed from achieving those goals because you do not see them affecting your life.

So, if you want to lead an exceptional life that is fulfilling, it is essential for you to see your life as a mission that must be accomplished regardless of the challenges that you will face.

Steps you can take to think about your life as a mission

  • Understand that you’re here for a reason

The first problem that most individuals have is that they feel that they do not have a purpose. They are wrong. The fact is that you are here for a reason. You are here to fulfill a purpose. Thus, you must realize that you are not just another person – you are unique and have an important role to play in shaping the world around you. This understanding will go a long way in ensuring that you can think about your life as a mission.

Overall, use this opportunity to define the type of mission that you want your life to resemble. This step will go a long way in determining whether you will be able to think about your life as a mission or not.

  • Know that life happens “for” us

Although life happens “to” a lot of individuals, people who think of themselves as a mission believe that life happens “for” them. This means that they believe that they can influence how their lives will turn out to be. You do not have to do what others in society are doing. It is not compulsory for you to see yourself the same way others see them. Break out of any compulsive habit that can hold you back from achieving your goals and start thinking about yourself as an individual that is capable of attaining anything.

  • Deal with the past

Everyone has a past – whether good or bad. Sadly, the thoughts of a lot of people have been clouded with the memories of their failures. They are pegged back from seeing their life as a mission that is worth fighting for. However, your past should not stop you from seeing your life as a mission that must be accomplished. In reality, your past should be the catalyst that will propel you to wake up every morning and chase your dreams or achieve your goals. 

So, sit down and consider the patterns in your life that have played a pivotal role in determining who you are today. Do you think the patterns in your past are enough to stop you from leading an exceptional life? The truth is that they cannot stop you from seeing yourself as a mission unless you allow them to do so.

  • Get rid of negativity

Dealing with your past cannot be completed until you have learned to eliminate negativity. It is important for you to distance yourself from anything that may make you have negative thoughts about your life. You need to avoid all these factors that may want to make you see yourself as a worthless individual whose life is purposeless. By eliminating the negativity, you can start seeing the positivity in your life, and this can lead you into thinking about yourself as a mission. This is because you will start seeing the great things about your life that can motivate you and influence the people around you.

  • Attract your desires

What are the things you want? How do you want others to describe you? These questions can help you determine the mission that you want your life to be. Once you have answered these questions, you will have the clarity of the mission that your life looks like. So, you can now list out the kind of mission that you want your life to be. 

Afterward, it is important for you to start attracting them. Typically, you can attract good things and see your life as a mission through the law of attraction. In this regard, you need to talk about those missions. Talk to yourself from time to time about the mission that your life represents and why it is important for you to achieve it. Although it will take some time, you will soon start thinking about your life as a mission and continue to exude it in the way you relate to other people around you.

Overall, everything happens so fast in this world, and, as such, it is easy for anyone to forget to think about their life as a mission. Therefore, you have a duty to remind yourself that you can be instrumental in changing a lot of things in the world.



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