Weight Training: Tone Your Muscles

We all are familiar with weight training. The initial thought that comes in our mind after hearing this is that it is all about getting bulkier and building muscle. But the truth is, it can also improve your posture, your sleep, aid in weight loss, speed up your metabolism, and prevent many diseases. Weight training can help improve your physical and mental well-being.

What is Weight Training?

In weight training, weights are used to increase our strength. Our body gets stronger, the longer we lift weights. Having proper technique is an essential key to staying injury-free and optimizing results. Learning proper lifting technique is easy nowadays as there are many videos online that teach you proper form before you even enter a gym.

Weight lifting with improper form may lead to injuries that include body sprains and even fractures. For beginners, it is highly recommended that they learn proper form and technique when they first start lifting weights. 

By performing different variations of weight lifting exercises and using various machines, you will get to know which ones are best suited for your body. You can also get guidance from an online program or a trainer to schedule your exercise effectively.

Start Small

When you first start a weight lifting program, you must start small. Heavy lifting in your first workout may harm your body. When you learn how to lift weights properly, then the chances of injury get reduced when you start increasing the weight.

Choosing the Correct Weight Lifting Program

It is imperative to choose a weight lifting program that you can follow from start to finish. Many factors are considered while selecting a plan, including experience level, specific goals, time constraints, and motivation levels.

It is recommended to start light and then proceed to heavier and more complex exercises once you are warmed up. Once you are done with your weightlifting session, you should stretch as it helps your body heal more quickly from the workout. 

Benefits of Weight Training

Long gone are the days when bodybuilders and athletes only did weight training. Nowadays, many people are weight training and starting new programs. Weight training comes with many benefits to your physical, emotional, and mental health. Some benefits of weight training are:

1.  Aid in Fat Loss

Developing muscle with weight training can increase the number of calories you burn just from doing day to day things. Your body works harder to maintain muscle than to maintain fat.

This mini metabolic boost combined with weight training and a consistent diet plan can help you to continue to burn fat even when you are resting. 

2.  Body Transformation

Consistent strength training can dramatically change your physique. It can change your body shape because gaining muscle and removing fat from the body gives it a more defined appearance.

Cardio is always helpful to change your physique and lose fat, but weight training can help you attain a more defined physique.

3.  Boost Your Confidence

The physical improvements in your body that come as a result of weight training can give you more motivation. The changes in your body can make you feel more confident about yourself. This newfound confidence from all of that hard training can carry over to your job and relationships, helping you feel more confident with whatever you are doing. 

4.  Improve Mental Health

Weight training plays a part in improving mental health. It can decrease symptoms of depression as well as helping you feel better overall.

A blend of moderate aerobics and intensive weight training can help strengthen both the mind and body.

5.    Improves Balance and Body Posture

Weight training helps to give you stability because many weight training exercises require balance and mobility. Performing body movements in a particular direction at different angles makes you more stable and helps to develop more strength.

So many people work in desk jobs nowadays that many people start developing lousy posture. A couple of weight training sessions a week can help improve that posture by strengthening the muscles associated with the shoulder and back.

6.  Boost Sports Performance

If you’re a sports person, then you know how important weight training is. Even basketball players and golf players can benefit from resistance training. Performing compound movements with great forms, such as squats, can help a basketball and football player be more explosive in their movements. If you are looking for an edge over your competitors, then try following a structured weight training program.

7.  Maintain Blood Bugar Level

Strength training can help you manage your blood sugar levels. Some studies have shown that people who weight train consistently or do any kind of workout are less likely to develop issues in their blood sugar levels than people who do not work out at all.

Common Weight Training Exercises

There are many different exercises in weight training. Some of the more common weight training exercises we discussed below should always be incorporated into your programs.


Slow and controlled push-ups are more challenging and also more beneficial as they activate your chest muscles more than if you were to perform them rapidly.

Chest Press

Lay on the floor on your back, pick the dumbbells and perform the press upwards slowly. Control your moves and be focused on what you’re doing. Rest for a minute, then repeat.


Start doing it without using weight, and once you have developed proper form, perform it with weight. Push your butt back and keep the pressure off your knees as you squat.


Stand with your foot under the barbell. With a grip just about the width of your shoulders, grip the bar. Bend your knees, bend over with a flat back, and pick the barbell off the ground.


Weight training comes with many benefits to your physical and mental health. Learning to lift with proper form is crucial to avoid any injuries and setbacks in your training. With proper form and careful attention to the weights you’re using, weight training can improve your overall well-being.

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